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Cold River Services

Costs & Consequences
of Doing Nothing

Potential Savings
and Increased Values

Environmental Compliance

Poor environmental work can lead to fines, off-site damage, lawsuits or criminal charges.

Eliminate fines and excessive erosion control work.

Site Maintenance & Security

Poor physical appearance lowers sales price. Dumping and trespassing create liabilities.

Reduce chance of liability/lawsuits from injured trespassers. Increase sales appeal and marketability.

Crisis Management

Escalation of costs, fines and delays to the sale of the project.

Free up key personnel to handle their primary job function.

Entitlement Evaluation and Preservation Management

Loss of zoning, permits, licenses, infrastructure participations and utilities.

These are the backbone of real estate value and their loss can create negative asset value.

Valuation & Accurate Budgeting of Costs to Own or Complete and Sell

Without these cost tools, projects can be held too long, sold too cheap or too soon.

Reduce costs to own by 10 –15% and increase return by 20% or more.

Acting Developer Services Site Completion Services

Selling in bulk or selling unfinished reduces return and ties up valuable resources.

A well-timed management and sales strategy can yield a substantially better return.

Professional Advice & Solutions

Being overwhelmed.

Relief and peace of mind.


    About Us

    At Cold River Land, LLC, we will take the fear, confusion and regret out of managing assets and property taxes.

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